Better Sex for Seniors

There are many articles previously about erectile dysfunction and suggestions for men, but this is the first time we will discuss sexual dysfunction in women. This scenario is normally brought on by age, as the body ages, the vascular system changes. Sexual desire decreases in some women but it’s easy to reverse without any medications.

Firstly, the vagina stop producing vaginal lubrication like when you were in your menstrual cycle. This is the body’s response to your reaching maximum child bearing age. The vagina drys which causes lack of sexual desire and reduced need for intimacy. To have a good sex life is key to happiness in love ans there are 2 ideal ways to combat sexual dysfunction in women especially in senior age.

Secondly, visit a store together and ask the staff for some recommendations on items for senior, here are a few things they will suggest. First is a bullet vibrator, a tiny little device that is used to hold over the clitoral The vibrations are going to make your body feel stimulated with the side effect of creating natural lubrication inside the vagina. The sexual desire will follow as the vibrations right on the most sensitive erogenous zone on the body is going to make you feel really good. They will recommend lubricant. A water base solution is best as it’s easy to clean off the skin. Use for sexual intercourse and dryness will never be a problem again.

Vaginal dryness is a big side effect of menopause but luckily, it is very easy to get around when you have guidance for the right products from an reputable online store such as the one named above. Luckily the solution for men and women is easy, all of these items are available online and your doctor can prescribe medications to regulate your blood pressure therefore in this era, couples are able to enjoy sex much later in life then even thirty years ago.

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