A Better Strap On Guide

I always read strap on guides that just explain the different types of harnesses but don’t actually tell you what you should buy. I figured that I’ve shared so many stories in the past and even offered up a few cool links, and did a review or two, but I’ve never really suggested good strap ons to people. It did come via email one day, someone asked if I knew anything about strap on’s and of course I was like “I’m your girl” so then I answered the question. There were a few other specifics in there too, so I will basically sum up what I instructed my loyal reader and offer the interested party a few good strap on tips, well actually I think I should re-phrase it as a batter strap on guide since I followed with some suggestions.

I’m not trying to make some sales pitch, I am writing for educational purposes only. I am simply suggesting people to shop from my favorite, TheAdultToyShop.com, they are simply nice people and I think if there’s anyone out there to support, it’s the little family business. Same reason I get my fruits and vegetable from the farmer’s market, I even tell all my friends where to go for their fruits and veggies.

Supporting the little guy over the big corporate conglomerate is always better for the local economy anyway plus it’s nice to see the little family business succeed. It’s like the foundation of American economy, I think anyway, I’m no history buff, I’m a sex toy buff. Specifically, I have a keen desire for strap ons for without further a due, here is the information you’ve been waiting for all along:

Realistic Dildo Harness:

Not always the typical but a good one to have – it’s easier to make your own then it is to purchase a pre-made realistic harness in my opinion. This one is really good, it’s newer I think or I would have purchased it years and years ago. It’s basically the Nasswalk curved dildo on a really good harness. I truly love the hip supporting strap in the back, even though nylon straps are good and sturdy, the supportive backbrace is much better for frequent use. It’s amazing how quick strap on harness straps can leave marked on your skin! I also like making my own by combining any dildo with a suction cup (like this) along with a harness with a metal ring.

The best way do to this is to purchase some curved or torpedo g-spot curved attachment with a harness the buy a realistic dildo separately. Now you instantly have 2 sex toys, the harness is immediately versatile allowing you to enjoy the life like dildo or the skinny non-phallic dildo – as far as non-phallic dildos go anyway.

Double Harness:

“Double” refers to double dildos of course but not in the traditional way a person images. It’s not two dildo heads like the true sex toy type, but it’s a dildo for the user and one for the receiver usually in shape of a fat vaginal plug, these offer a really neat feeling. I would try to describe it as an interactive sex feeling, you feel like the vaginal plug is a part of the action. It gets the bring of every forceful thrust, ever retraction. The vaginal plug moves about. I have encountered double harnesses with a full-on dildo for the wearer but it’s not my favorite. I really like a flat stout feel it’s much more erotic and the harness seems to fit better on the body.

I suppose a curious party will need to return to biology class and lean about anatomy again to understands why this style is better. This one is a frequented harness for my sexual uses, it vibrates which is a very nice function. Personally vibrations are not a required feature for my use but it’s a nice add on feature. I typically find vibrating harnesses have battery packs so to move about, you always end up crushing the battery pack, pressing it into your hip which wrecks the mood for a few moments while you rub your hip bone – it’s like running into the corner of a wall, it’s very distancing.Back to the sex toy anyway, the double part that inserts is really to die for. The dildos seem kind of weird, they are skinny with big ridges over them and feel very different.

G-spot Harness:

My personal favorite, the only set back on this style is you’ll need to have sex missionary to benefit from the g-spot love. This one is my favorite, don’t think it’s looks stiff, when I got it home and wore it, the purple harness is actually very well made. Quite substantial and heavy duty format, the dildo is solid and has the nicest curve I’ve seen. The dildo detached with snaps so I use it by itself frequently. The only thing I don’t like about the separate g-spot vibrator use is the flat base is not very sexy at all furthermore I find it really tough to hold into while I’m pleasuring myself.

Have sex in doggie style position while wearing a butt plug and you’ll enjoy a truly original feeling, the curve will rub the skin between the plug and the curve almost feeling like they make contact inside the rear vaginal wall. It’s not something that’s going to make a person orgasm, but it feel kind of cool  anyway. I’m sure you’ll accidentally feel this as sexual positions are not always accommodating to the g-spot curved strap on dildo harness. Leave for missionary only which for the receiver is perfect, it feels exceptionally great.

Vac U Lock:

Not my personal favorite but I need to mention then since it’s kind of a commonly known sex toy for couples. There are several harnesses available that come already attached with a realistic dildo. You will get a very high quality Doc Jonson dildo attachment wit this system, the only downside is the price is quite high. You can always make your own kit by purchasing the attachment with a harness on it’s own. I don’t need to suggest an individual one becuase they’re everywhere and it depends on your choice – se the person can be picky becuase of the innumerable styles, shapes and sizes you can choose from. A quick search for the vac U Lock will turn up so many choices, it literally can become confusing!

Longer Dildo:

Kind of a fetish thing, these harnesses are much longer then another, sort of like letting your lover ram a really long dildo into you, except their wearing it. Going back to biology again, maybe it’s best using this near ovulation time otherwise the cervix can feel too hard making far penetrations feel uncomfortable. Alternatively, you can drink half a bottle of red wine which always works really good in my opinion. There is something to be said about getting drunk and having strap on sex. As you can imagine it’s quite the lusty, dirty and naughty fantasy.

If I am going to get drunk for strap on sex, I always go for this one. I know it’s hollow and typically made for men, but the harness itself is solid. I am not a fan of elastic bands on a harness but in this case, this extra wide band really works ell. It’s ideal for skinnier people to and actually looks kind of sexy. I don’t care it’s hollow, a man can insert his dick in the hole or just leave it hang below, if you notice the picture has 2 straps that come under the thighs but they are not connected together under the body making it easy for men to have room for their testicle, balls scrotum and whatever else needs to hang below.

This example above vertebrates too I know I complained earlier about the battery pack and I have encountered this )hence by detailed story above talking about the plastic case feeling like you walked inot a wall and hit the hipbone) but there is a hanger on the back of the case which lets you clip it over the band. Being thick and well clinging to the skin, the pack won’t fall off during sex.

Thruster harness:

Alright I’ve feel like I’ve been writing all day at this point. I am out of ideas so I will target one of my favorite strap on dildos: this one which looks and feels just as good as it looks. A very nice attachment a total torpedo that surprisingly works best for anal sex and not vaginal sex. I’ve loved this style of many, many years and ever bought i locally before I had a computer with internet – that’s how old this style is! I’m really happy to see it’s still around and for sale. Does not look like it changed a bit either, keeping the timeless shape and perfect use for 15 years or so. The smooth oozing surface is a real delight to the true sense of the word. Now I’m grasping at straws here.

I can use the dildo by itself but honestly, it’s kind of short and best used for anal play. It looks wildly erotic too, I have done a photo shoot wearing this harness and it looks really hot. Sorry I cannot upload a picture of me wearing it becuase I don’t want family members or co-workers knowing this is MY website, I prefer to remain anonymous, just believe me when I say it looks AND feels great, one of my favorite sex toys ever.

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Better Sex for Seniors

There are many articles previously about erectile dysfunction and suggestions for men, but this is the first time we will discuss sexual dysfunction in women. This scenario is normally brought on by age, as the body ages, the vascular system changes. Sexual desire decreases in some women but it’s easy to reverse without any medications.

Firstly, the vagina stop producing vaginal lubrication like when you were in your menstrual cycle. This is the body’s response to your reaching maximum child bearing age. The vagina drys which causes lack of sexual desire and reduced need for intimacy. To have a good sex life is key to happiness in love ans there are 2 ideal ways to combat sexual dysfunction in women especially in senior age.

Secondly, visit a store together and ask the staff for some recommendations on items for senior, here are a few things they will suggest. First is a bullet vibrator, a tiny little device that is used to hold over the clitoral The vibrations are going to make your body feel stimulated with the side effect of creating natural lubrication inside the vagina. The sexual desire will follow as the vibrations right on the most sensitive erogenous zone on the body is going to make you feel really good. They will recommend lubricant. A water base solution is best as it’s easy to clean off the skin. Use for sexual intercourse and dryness will never be a problem again.

Vaginal dryness is a big side effect of menopause but luckily, it is very easy to get around when you have guidance for the right products from an reputable online store such as the one named above. Luckily the solution for men and women is easy, all of these items are available online and your doctor can prescribe medications to regulate your blood pressure therefore in this era, couples are able to enjoy sex much later in life then even thirty years ago.

How to Write a Romance Novel

Writing a romantic novel can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You can get the exact tale you want and the exact mood, you can covey your secret fantasy on to paper and make your very own secret sex fantasy come true. Here are a few important steps in creating a good compelling romance story.

1.) Have a good setting.

It’s important o have the proper setting and be consistent throughout the story. Think of the period, is it tale of heroics in the olden age? A Victorian romance in the days if persecution? A timeless story set in Romeo and Juliet’ era? Or perhaps a modern day cosmopolitan themed story with relatable characters.

2.) Develop your characters with chemistry.

In any erotic tale, there are 2 main characters. Him and her. These 2 characters are going to develop a very passionate bond, there needs to be something t that brings them together in their personalities and you’ll need to pay attention to their chemistry. It’s very important that they click well. There needs to be something in their personalities that’s irresistible to the other. usually the characters are lovelorn or have been previously hurt and afraid to fall in love, but the other person is so attractive and perfect for them that they can’t deny their irresistible attraction any longer. Think of chemistry it’s key to a good attraction and it will make your sex scene very steamy.

3.) Create a full storyline.

Every romance novel is usually the same, guy finds girl, there is some sort of problem and then they end up happily ever after. You’ll need to make something happen in the story, if you want a pure sex erotic novel you will still need a story line because a dimple sex scene is not enough for a complete story.

4.) Get yourself in the mood while you write.

Take a hot bath first, light some candles. maybe pleasure yourself with your vibrator. You’ll need to do something to get yourself in the erotic mood that fits your story. You’ll need to feel the same way that you are conveying on your story so that your readers can believe it’s true. The more you out yourself in their place, the better your story will turn out. Get sex toys at TheAdultToyShop.com, a sex shop for women that has all sorts of sexual toys that can get you in the steamy erotic mood to write a sex story. Try a rabbit vibrator, g-spot vibrator, these make make you orgasm quickly so that you’ll be in the hormone excited sensual mood to convey your exact sexual enthusiasm, on paper thanks to the sex shops adult toys!

5.) Think of the sex scene.

Every good erotic novel culminates with a hot and steamy sex scene. In your novel, think of you explicit you want this to be. Since the whole reason you’re writing this is to express your own secret fantasies on paper, chances are you’ll want to be explicit with it too. If you can’t describe sexual positions, maybe you might want to watch an adult movie to get some ideas of foreplay positrons and sexual positions to describe during your sex scene. My favorite way to imagine a steamy sex scene is to have an orgasm becuase when I’m right at the edge of the big explosion, my mind creates some very vivid fantasies that throw me over the edge.

If your a visual person like me, you will really benefit from the advice from TheAdultToyShop.com who suggests using a vibrating clitoral sex toy. Try a simple clitoral orgasm becuase you can imagine some perfect man filling your vagina whereas if you’re using a vibrator, you might focus too much on the vibrator.

TheAdultToyShop.com! :)

6.) Appeal to the senses.

Sight, touch smell and taste are all very key senses when it comes to lusty sex or even romance. Think of the senses and how they other character smells,tastes and feel when the finger rub over the skin. When you are descriptive with these sense, your readers can relate better to the story by putting themselves into he positions on the characters. It brings t the story to life when you can feel, taste, smell and hear what is going on in the tale.

7.)  Think of visual descriptions.

Don’t get too carried away with the previous tip that you forte to explain the vial aspects of your story. Talk about the details of the bodies so your readers can really visualize your characters. Describe the scenes well so that they know the setting. When you can create this image in the mind, it’s easier to follow the storyline and to get emotionally involved with your man and women.

When you have created your story, you can see if you can get it published into an e-book or a real publisher. Or you can simply leave it to yourself. Romance novels are very popular and if you;re proud of your work, why not try and get it out there for other women to enjoy? It’s not as difficult as you think!