How to Pet the Kitty – for men

Here is a quick lesson on how to pet the kitty. It’s masturbation techniques for women written for men about properly stimulating the clitoris and vagina. Proper sexual stimulation requires more then just those 2 hot spots being stimulated, like when you pet the kitty, you don’t just pet the tip of the ear, you stroke the back, head and neck. With the female kitty, the phallic kitty that is! There are a few techniques that are very good for making her feel the best. An orgasm is a powerful thing and when you have the proper kitty handling techniques, you can get that powerful cloud – nine feel.

Here are some proper pussy petting techniques:

1.) Start with pussy foreplay.
Don’t go directory for the vagina or the clitoris. Pet the sides of the lips, stroke gently where the thighs meet with the pussy mound. This will get her more stimulated because women like foreplay. This even though it’s 3rd base type material can still be considered foreplay. You see when a woman feels sexually aroused, blood flow increases to thee entire labia area. Even the slight tickle of the thigh can increase her sensation. The vagina produces natural lubrication and swells. When you stroke the outer labia, she enjoys the swelling feeling, it’s almost like the vagina craves something to be inserted in to 0 actually, it’d exactly what is happening. You need to looks at the physiological point of view of this sexual act. It’s all in preparation for baby-making. Rub lightly over her pubic hair until she starts to moan and lofts up her pelvic at you, then you know she’s ready for step 2.

2.)Rub in between the vagina lips from the pussy hole to the clitoris.
Step 2 is taking this one step closer to what she wants – but you’re still not giving it to her. By now the skin inside the vagina lips will be bright pink and a little puffy. It may even be moist as a side effect of your previous pussy mound rubbing. If this is the case you know you’re doing a good job. This step takes you into the folds, you’re rubbing slowly. Rub to the vagina hole with 2 fingers, one in each pussy divot. Go right to the pussy hole and press where the opening is. The take your fingers and slide up to the clitoris right where the base is and press there, not to hard but firm enough where she’ll feel the pressure and she will almost certainly beg you for more. One tip for stimulation, lick your fingers first because wetter is better. The more slick it is and the less friction there is, the better it will feel for her. This will also her her vagina produce natural lubrication and really get the in the mood for sex.

3.) Time to play with the clitoris.
Surely one of the moments you were waiting for! The clitoris is the magic button, think of it as your pens but with more sensitive nerve endings, it’s all the sensation of your penis wrapped into one tiny button. Learn about the anatomy of the clitoris and you’ll get it. When you think of it this way you must have new appreciation for the clitoris and understand the potential for the strongest orgasms a woman could ever enjoy. You also have to respect the clitoris too because with all that sensual sensitivity in one place, you could easily do it wrong and ruin all the work and progress you’ve just accomplished. What you need to do it run the perimeter of the clitoris. Press on it, lick it with your tongue. Never bit it or blow on it. It needs to be handled with care, rub slowly at first. Don’t go fast until you’re having sexual intercourse. Women like it when the clitoris is pressed for it shoot pleasure up into the abdomen and down top the vagina, again increasing her sexual response.

4.) Enter the vagina.
You have to take this one slowly. Don’t act like an over-eager 18 year old, it will really turn her off. Be casual, be slow, be suave. Now comes time for the finger. Only insert 1 finger at first, point your finger towards the belly button and stimulate the g-spot. This is one of the most important things you can do with aspect to giving her sexual pleasure The combination of g-spot and clitoral stimulation will give her the strongest feel and best orgasm. After she’s really into it, you can insert the 2nd finger. never twist, women don’t like that, just thrust slowly and take her cues as to what kind of pleasure she wants from you.

5.) Make sure you pay attention to the g-spot.
We touched on this in the earlier point, but it’s so important it need attention of it’s own. The g-spot os the most important key for women’s internal orgasm. The clitoral orgasm, is rating but the g-spot orgasm is something entirely different. If you can give her both then you’re a superstar for sure. It’s not as far in as you think. there is a sponge tissue near the front only about 1-2 inches in. Most men think they have top stuff their finger in there high and face the front, which can be painful if you press her ovaries too hard. The g-spot is right near the opening, only 1-2 inches in. Insert your finger and press it or rub in circles. Try stimulating the g-spot and the clitoris at the same time. If you’re doing it right, she should orgasm within about 1 minute.

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