How to Write a Romance Novel

Writing a romantic novel can be one of the most rewarding experiences. You can get the exact tale you want and the exact mood, you can covey your secret fantasy on to paper and make your very own secret sex fantasy come true. Here are a few important steps in creating a good compelling romance story.

1.) Have a good setting.

It’s important o have the proper setting and be consistent throughout the story. Think of the period, is it tale of heroics in the olden age? A Victorian romance in the days if persecution? A timeless story set in Romeo and Juliet’ era? Or perhaps a modern day cosmopolitan themed story with relatable characters.

2.) Develop your characters with chemistry.

In any erotic tale, there are 2 main characters. Him and her. These 2 characters are going to develop a very passionate bond, there needs to be something t that brings them together in their personalities and you’ll need to pay attention to their chemistry. It’s very important that they click well. There needs to be something in their personalities that’s irresistible to the other. usually the characters are lovelorn or have been previously hurt and afraid to fall in love, but the other person is so attractive and perfect for them that they can’t deny their irresistible attraction any longer. Think of chemistry it’s key to a good attraction and it will make your sex scene very steamy.

3.) Create a full storyline.

Every romance novel is usually the same, guy finds girl, there is some sort of problem and then they end up happily ever after. You’ll need to make something¬†happen in the story, if you want a pure sex erotic novel you will still need a story line because a dimple sex scene is not enough for a complete story.

4.) Get yourself in the mood while you write.

Take a hot bath first, light some candles. maybe pleasure yourself with your vibrator. You’ll need to do something to get yourself in the erotic mood that fits your story. You’ll need to feel the same way that you are conveying on your story so that your readers can believe it’s true. The more you out yourself in their place, the better your story will turn out. Get sex toys at, a sex shop for women that has all sorts of sexual toys that can get you in the steamy erotic mood to write a sex story. Try a rabbit vibrator, g-spot vibrator, these make make you orgasm quickly so that you’ll be in the hormone excited sensual mood to convey your exact sexual enthusiasm, on paper thanks to the sex shops adult toys!

5.) Think of the sex scene.

Every good erotic novel culminates with a hot and steamy sex scene. In your novel, think of you explicit you want this to be. Since the whole reason you’re writing this is to express your own secret fantasies on paper, chances are you’ll want to be explicit with it too. If you can’t describe sexual positions, maybe you might want to watch an adult movie to get some ideas of foreplay positrons and sexual positions to describe during your sex scene. My favorite way to imagine a steamy sex scene is to have an orgasm becuase when I’m right at the edge of the big explosion, my mind creates some very vivid fantasies that throw me over the edge.

If your a visual person like me, you will really benefit from the advice from who suggests using a vibrating clitoral sex toy. Try a simple clitoral orgasm becuase you can imagine some perfect man filling your vagina whereas if you’re using a vibrator, you might focus too much on the vibrator.! :)

6.) Appeal to the senses.

Sight, touch smell and taste are all very key senses when it comes to lusty sex or even romance. Think of the senses and how they other character smells,tastes and feel when the finger rub over the skin. When you are descriptive with these sense, your readers can relate better to the story by putting themselves into he positions on the characters. It brings t the story to life when you can feel, taste, smell and hear what is going on in the tale.

7.)  Think of visual descriptions.

Don’t get too carried away with the previous tip that you forte to explain the vial aspects of your story. Talk about the details of the bodies so your readers can really visualize your characters. Describe the scenes well so that they know the setting. When you can create this image in the mind, it’s easier to follow the storyline and to get emotionally involved with your man and women.

When you have created your story, you can see if you can get it published into an e-book or a real publisher. Or you can simply leave it to yourself. Romance novels are very popular and if you;re proud of your work, why not try and get it out there for other women to enjoy? It’s not as difficult as you think!

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