Pleasant Hysteria – Women’s Sexuality in Pop Culture

Current Americans culture embraces freedom of sexual expression. For sexual creatures like ourselves (and readers of thig blog!) it’s a good thing we are loosing the inhibitive ways of the past. Living free is so much nicer! Remember the movie Pleasantville from 1998 starring Tobey Maguire and Jeff Daniels. Women were in black and white, ignoring the colorful facet of sexuality. As they started to kiss and enjoy the feeling of human touch, they gradually earned their color. As women began to explore their bodies they gained full color and an entirely new perception of themselves.

Today we fast forward to a day where a vibrator and sex toys are present in most women’s bedside tables. This form of sexual freedom is really in style! To enjoy a full fantasy and pleasure yourself is to harness one of the finest benefits of being human – experiencing sexual pleasure.

Taking time for yourself is also important, the rush of hormones during an orgasm from sex toys is very freeing, the saying cloud nine comes from the hormone boost that leaves one breathless. The enjoyment of sex toys and taking time for yourself transcends sex in being purely for you. For a first timer, the rabbit comes in several sizes making sure every woman gets the dream device that won’t scare and tempts the senses.

Another movie that touched on the same subject is 2011′s Hysteria starring Felicity Jones and Maggie Gyllenhaal which introduced the vibrator as a source of cure for woman’s hysteria. There is some comical resemblance to sexual tension and hysteria although not for the same cure, however it delicately suggests that having an orgasms has a calming effect on the body and soul, the majority of women in this day will certainly agree although to to the archaic form first mentioned.

Movies even though fiction for Plesantville and non-fiction for hysteria bring into light the enjoyment of women’s time with a vibrator, they teach us it’s OK safe and a fun way to express yourself with sex toys. Fantasizing is also a vacation for the mind and again a very safe way of enjoying your sexuality.

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